East Torrens U12 Development Academy

Hi folks

Thanks for bringing the lads out to the trials this week. We appreciate it greatly, and hope they had some fun.

Please find below the 25 person squad we have selected:

Carl Cavenett, William Fanning, Lucas Gray, Vivaan Sood, Liam Murphy, Izaac Birkedale, Krishen Nair, Phoenix Hanegraaf, Finley O’Brien, Cooper Heffernan, Will Holland, Calem McCathie, Bethushan Jeyakumar, Aryan Nayee, Connor Teh, Ved Patel, Harry Slater, Jacob Stephenson, Bal Gilhotra, Charlie Smart, Gustaw Czechowicz, Kavisha Halahakoon, Lachlan Cox, Jake Polkinghorne, Joshua Joshi

Coach - Ben Lowden 0481 593394
Assistant Coach - Angus Kean

To the boys that missed out, keep working hard at your game, and please keep coming out to trials in future years.

To those of you who aren’t familiar with the make up of how we run our U12 Development squad, it is run through October, November, and December, usually on Monday nights. The lads take part in a mixture of centre wicket trainings, internal games, external games, and skill based net sessions. There will be an opportunity for some of the boys to also take part in the SACA U12 Statewide cup in the week before Christmas. This squad is all about preparing young players to play higher level SACA Premier cricket in the coming years. The boys keep playing their usual school and club cricket.

Ben will contact everyone with a starting date for the Academy in August.

We hope the boys enjoy their winter sports, and look forward to seeing them all in October. If you are looking for your lad to have some one on one coaching during the off season, we highly recommend ETDCC senior coach, Steve Stubbings. You can contact Steve on stephen.stubbings@me.com, or you can call him on +44 7920 804987 (Strange number I know, but correct!)



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